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Book: Majestic Cov by Steve “Scribble” Evans, Alan Joseph and Simon Maisey [Hardback]


A light-hearted read, which shines a light on the history of Coventry FC (RU) and many of its great former players. The book is written by Steve “Scribble” Evans, who covered Cov for the Coventry Evening Telegraph during the 70s and 80s. Steve was voted Britain’s Provincial Sports Writer of the year in 1983.

Within its day, regarded by many as the greatest rugby club in the world, the book will appeal to all rugby fans young and old. The book will evoke many happy memories for Cov supporters and former players alike.

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*Books will be dispatched in July.

  • Available in hardback or paperback
  • All profits go to Cov in the form of a lasting asset
  • Personal stories from over 30 players giving a unique insight into being a Cov player
  • Chapters by all the Coventry Evening Telegraph’s rugby reporters from the 60s onwards
  • 250 pages written in an easy to read style with something for everyone
  • Packed with never seen before photos from the past
  • Over 50 years of former Cov players’ playing records
  • Book signing at Butts Park Arena by the England players on the book’s cover  – date to be announced