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“We are not looking to be the biggest brand supplier, but we do want to be the best,” explains Simon Martin, founder of the business. “We are a real family affair and come from a farming & wholesale background.”

We sell fresh potatoes by usage not by variety, there are hundreds of varieties out there the average consumer doesn’t know which variety is suitable for which cooking method, different potatoes have different properties making some perfect for chipping, others perfect for mashing and some great for roasting.

The Food Heroes business is a specialist procurement and marketing company, the team includes the renowned Chef Pierre Koffmann.

Our brands include Koffmann’s potatoes for chefs, From the Farm, Pierre De Pierre, Humdinger, Marco Pierre White Retro and many more…

We have developed premium products under Pierre’s direction which offer a superior taste and suitability for products which include fresh and prepared potatoes and vegetables along with our great range of frozen products.

The Food Heroes currently supply the key UK foodservice, wholesalers, caterers and retailers with the current Koffmann’s range.

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