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Coventry Rugby Community Foundation Ltd., is an independent, registered, fully authorised charity working hand in glove with Coventry Rugby. Governed by a board of independent trustees, our aim is quite simple … to transform lives in the local community through the ‘Power of Sport’.  

There is a lot of research that shows physical exercise and sport can genuinely enhance both physical and mental well-being. We believe that the power of sport should be accessible to all regardless of physical ability, age, gender, ethnicity or socio economic background. 

Whilst we focus on the city of Coventry and county of Warwickshire, ultimately our aim is to provide opportunities for people from all walks of life to realise their potential and achieve the very best they can. 


As a charity we raise funds to spend in our community and help us to give opportunity to those who, for a variety of reasons, are unable to benefit from the opportunities in life many of us take for granted.

A summary of our projects can be seen below. Whether it’s the holiday camps of Project 500, caring for deprived children, or the new Coventry Netball, supporting young girls in taking up and pursuing sport into adulthood, our programmes offer thousands the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of sports and enjoy the benefits of social interaction. 


In order to do this vital work in Coventry and Warwickshire, we raise funds from charities, business and individuals. This enables us to provide the facilities, food and expert coaching we need to reach out to our community.

In 2024, the year of Coventry Rugby’s 150th anniversary, we have launched an appeal to raise further funding to carry on our important work. We aim to raise £250,000 to help us make a real difference to those who need a helping hand at this time. We want to ensure that we leave a lasting legacy in our community in celebration of this amazing 150th anniversary milestone.

We will do this by expanding the reach of our existing projects and introducing new initiatives to address some of the unaddressed need that is on our doorstep.

We appeal to our Coventry Rugby supporters and the Coventry and Warwickshire business community to help us help others in need by donating to the Coventry Rugby Foundation 150th Anniversary Appeal.Scan this QR code to donate:

This is Our Club in Our City

According to a population project by Coventry City Council in 2016, there are 81,957 children and young people (under 18) living within Coventry. We’re their biggest supporters but we can’t do it without the donations, assistance and generosity of sponsors, businesses and stakeholders. 

By investing in Coventry Foundation, businesses invest in the city of Coventry and its community. Together we can provide tangible results for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plans and commitments.  

We deliver hands-on coaching programmes, educational offerings including sessions focused on literacy, sessions on health, nutrition and psychology, girls’ rugby clubs and much, much more.