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We noticed a need for healthy, great tasting, functional soft drinks. We’re an independent UK-based company helping people of all ages to get their daily dose of vitamins in a wide range of tasty, fruity and sugar-free products. Yep, that’s right – our products not only contain your daily dose of vitamins but they’re also delicious and contain absolutely no sugar. What’s not to love?


We want to help everyone to increase their intake of vitamins as easily as possible. And that’s why we now have our very own range of Vitamin Supplement tablets for the straight-talkers and Vitamin Sprays for the non-tablet takers. And for the on-the-goers, there’s also Effervescent Vitamin Tablets and Multivitamin Chewing Gum! You can find Get More Vits in major UK retailers, online, and also in more than 15 countries worldwide.



Get More Vits is proudly distributed across the world. We are now available to purchase in 17 countries worldwide and we continue to expand this, helping consumers and their families stay healthy wherever we go.


At Get More Vits, we are proud to be a real living wage employer. By paying our employees a wage they can comfortably live off, we are ensuring that basic fairness is at the heart of our business. We believe our staff deserve a wage which meets their everyday needs which is why we will always continue to pay the real living wage to all of our employees.

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