2020/21 Playing Squad

Loosehead Prop

Toby Trinder
photo of Toby Trinder
Position: Prop
Born: 05/05/1998
Luc Jeannot
photo of Luc Jeannot
Position: Prop
Born: 16/09/1996
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Keston Lines
placeholder photo for Keston Lines
Position: Prop
Born: 08/11/1999
Kai Owen
placeholder photo for Kai Owen
Position: Prop
Born: 27/02/1999


Joe Buckle
photo of Joe Buckle
Position: Hooker
Born: 13/05/1993
Jordon Poole
placeholder photo for Jordon Poole
Position: Hooker
Born: 02/04/1997
Tom Doughty
placeholder photo for Tom Doughty
Position: Hooker
Born: 22/11/1996
Sam McNulty
photo of Sam McNulty
Position: Hooker
Born: 17/01/1996
Suva Ma’asi
photo of Suva Ma’asi
Position: Hooker
Born: 08/11/1997

Tighthead Prop

Phil Boulton
photo of Phil Boulton
Position: Prop
Born: 14/12/1986
Alex Gibson
photo of Alex Gibson
Position: Prop
James Harper
photo of James Harper
Position: Prop
Born: 16/10/2000

Second Row

Nile Dacres
photo of Nile Dacres
Position: Second Row
Born: 09/10/1991
Mario Pichardie
photo of Mario Pichardie
Position: Second Row
Born: 31/01/2001
Kailus Hutchinson
photo of Kailus Hutchinson
Position: Back Row / Second Row
Born: 16/10/1997
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Alex Woolford
photo of Alex Woolford
Position: Second Row
Born: 08/12/1992
Cameron Jordan
photo of Cameron Jordan
Position: Second Row
Born: 17/11/1999
Sam Lewis
photo of Sam Lewis
Position: Second Row
Born: 27/03/1998

Back Row

Ryan Burrows
photo of Ryan Burrows
Position: Back Row
Born: 25/04/1988
Senitiki Nayalo
photo of Senitiki Nayalo
Position: Back Row
Born: 12/05/1991
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Ben Nutley
photo of Ben Nutley
Position: Back Row
Born: 07/04/1992
Adam Peters
photo of Adam Peters
Position: Back Row
Born: 17/08/1994

Scrum Half

Josh Barton
photo of Josh Barton
Position: Scrum-Half
Born: 05/12/1997
Joe Snow
photo of Joe Snow
Position: Scrum-Half
Born: 11/12/1998
Pete White
photo of Pete White
Position: Scrum-Half
Born: 24/07/1991
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Fly Half

Tony Fenner
photo of Tony Fenner
Position: Fly Half
Born: 12/12/1989
Dan Lewis
photo of Dan Lewis
Position: Fly Half
Born: 10/11/1995
Kieran Wilkinson
photo of Kieran Wilkinson
Position: Fly Half
Born: 03/10/1999


Andy Bulumakau
photo of Andy Bulumakau
Position: Centre / Wing
Born: 28/08/1992
Will Owen
photo of Will Owen
Position: Centre
Born: 06/07/1993
Will Butt
placeholder photo for Will Butt
Position: Centre
Born: 15/01/2000
Andrew Forsyth
photo of Andrew Forsyth
Position: Centre
Born: 09/09/1990
Rob Knox
photo of Rob Knox
Position: Centre/Winger
Born: 04/02/1992
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Back Three

Sam Aspland-Robinson
placeholder photo for Sam Aspland-Robinson
Position: Wing
Born: 03/01/1997
Callum Sirker
photo of Callum Sirker
Position: Wing
Born: 04/05/1998
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Louis Brown
photo of Louis Brown
Position: Full Back
Born: 17/02/1998
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Rob Stevenson
photo of Rob Stevenson
Position: Winger
Born: 10/02/1995
Tom Emery
photo of Tom Emery
Position: Wing
Born: 02/07/1998
James Martin
photo of James Martin
Position: Wing


Tom Ball
photo of Tom Ball
Position: Flanker
Born: 07/02/2002
Jake Bridges
photo of Jake Bridges
Position: Prop
Born: 29/01/2002
Evan Mitchell
photo of Evan Mitchell
Position: Fly half (Development)
Born: 18/01/2002
Louis Beer
photo of Louis Beer
Position: Centre (Development)
Born: 27/11/2000
Joe Brock
photo of Joe Brock
Position: Full Back (Development)
Born: 04/10/2001
Freddie Betteridge
photo of Freddie Betteridge
Position: Back Row (Development)
Born: 17/06/2000
Harry Charter
photo of Harry Charter
Position: Second Row (Development)
Born: 11/11/2000
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Ollie Betteridge
placeholder photo for Ollie Betteridge
Position: Centre (Development)
Louis James
photo of Louis James
Position: Centre (Development)
Born: 29/09/2001
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