Rowland Winter
photo of Rowland Winter
Position: Director of Rugby
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Hannah Walker
photo of Hannah Walker
Position: Head Physiotherapist
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Ron Kempin
photo of Ron Kempin
Position: Assistant Team Manager
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Dan Hunter
photo of Dan Hunter
Position: Performance Analyst
Nick Walshe
photo of Nick Walshe
Position: Head coach
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Marc Finney
photo of Marc Finney
Position: Head of Athletic Performance
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Ashni Desai
photo of Ashni Desai
Position: Assistant Physiotherapist
Brian King
photo of Brian King
Position: Assistant Team Manager
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Louis Deacon
photo of Louis Deacon
Position: Forwards coach
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Cyrus Azariah
photo of Cyrus Azariah
Position: S C Coach
Matt Harland
photo of Matt Harland
Position: Head Analyst
Paul Hurst
photo of Paul Hurst
Position: Development XV Manager
Ross Stewart
photo of Ross Stewart
Position: Development Academy Head Coach
Tony Gulliver
photo of Tony Gulliver
Position: Team Manager
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Tom Parfitt
photo of Tom Parfitt
Position: Kit Assistant
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