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DIRECTOR of rugby Rowland Winter admitted that Coventry don’t have the quality to switch off in a game and expect to win.

Turning round at 12-12, Cov made a strong start to the second half at Fylde to open up a 24-12 lead but promptly seemed to lose focus and were hit by three converted tries in the space of just minutes to go down 33-24.

“We addressed some issues at half-time, and came out and showed that we’re good enough to get back-to-back scores and create a bit of a cushion,” said Winter.

“But, quite simply, we’re not good enough to take things for granted and expect Fylde to lie down. Credit to Fylde, they’re a team that are dangerous and a challenge to any opposition, but we switched off and didn’t work hard enough for that ten minutes or so, and it killed the game for us.

“We didn’t have enough quality in our team to switch off like we did.

“When we ran direct and ran hard, we got through them and we created some good opportunities. We worked hard for that ten minutes after half-time to put ourselves in a good position.

“But our execution was appalling at times – there were two or three occasions when we could easily have been in and had a bigger lead, we just needed to finish bits off but we didn’t, and then we imploded.”

Added Winter:  “To an extent, this result was coming after last week’s performance against Esher. We didn’t really earn the win, and that came through today – we haven’t performed well enough across the game and Fylde have punished us for that.

“I think we’re past the point of lessons we can learn from. That just wasn’t good enough, we didn’t have enough quality in our team to execute what we wanted to do.”