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Coventry Rugby is now accepting applications for an Under-19 Academy programme which will see players train alongside the club’s first team squad and study for a Diploma in Principles of Sports Coaching (Academies), which will be delivered at Butts Park by a tutor from Moulton College.

The qualification is designed for students who wish to develop knowledge, understanding and the skills required to establish a career pathway within the area of sports coaching and performance.

The course provides students with an introduction to the performance sports environment, including aspects of applying nutrition to sports performance and how to plan, deliver and review coaching programmes. In addition, students will learn to support athletes through lifestyle change and using technical and tactical skills to support an athlete’s performance.

In addition to the academic programme the students will have the rare opportunity to experience first hand full-time life in a professional rugby environment, and as such all applicants need to be able to demonstrate their potential to be a player who can thrive and succeed at Championship level.

This will include skills, strength and conditioning, team sessions, analysis, club commercial and community commitments, and a weekly game on a Wednesday.

This is also an ideal opportunity for players who have not yet secured a university place, or who are intending or willing to take a year out before university. After all, if you succeed here, then you never know what might happen in the future!

To apply email and include the following information:

Contact email address of you and a parent
Date of birth
Current rugby club
Current school, and your anticipated grades
Whether you have experience of either a Premiership or Championship club’s Under-18 team
Whether you have played for your County at Under-17 or Under-18 level

The course will begin at the end of August 2021.