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Good Morning all, 

We have just been informed that the road outside of Butts Park Arena is closed today (Heading out of town). We understand that this will cause quite a large build-up of traffic. Coventry Rugby Club and the Highways Agency are currently working together to get the road open for supporters arriving at the Stadium today. 

As long as you are NOT coming from the direction of the ring road there is access to the front of the arena (front car park) through a coned entrance. Entrance to the stadium car park is only blocked if you are coming from the direction of the ring road.

Please allow time for your journey and if possible, the best way to get to the stadium may be on foot. 

We hope that the road will be open for this afternoon’s game and it will not impact the traffic, please check your emails and our social media pages for further updates regularly.

Thank you for your patience,

Coventry Rugby.