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Josh Bainbridge has been named CTT Player of the Month for December 2022 after receiving over 30% of the total votes on our online pole, in what was the final Player of the Month award of the calendar year . Following another fiercely contested month, Bainbridge managed to clinch the title ahead of the also nominated and also excellent Will Talbot-Davies, Tom Dodd and Will Chudley.

With the squad sat in 3rd position in the 2022/23 Championship league table, and set to host Jersey later this month, Bainbridge has been one of many that has set the standard with his consistent performances on the pitch.

“It’s a privilege to be nominated, let alone win this! We have a really competitive squad that’s driving standards and making us grow as a group, so credit to everyone really!” – Josh Bainbridge.

Josh is set to visit the home of the POTM award sponsor, CTT Group, next week and thank them personally for their continued support that they display to Coventry Rugby.