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It is with great sadness and huge regret that we announce the death of Jim Ashby, a prominent director of our club whose death occurred just a week after our promotion of which Jim had dreamed.

Jim had been passionately involved with rugby in Coventry for the whole of his adult life, firstly with the Standard club, for whom he was an absolute stalwart, and, latterly with Coventry. Jim was a great benefactor of Coventry and was enthusiastic in all he did for the club. Of particular note was his generosity at the time of our being rescued from oblivion in 2009, firstly by our supporters raising the bond required by the RFU in order to enable us to continue playing, and secondly by the donations and loans needed to settle debts not of our making to ensure our revival. Jim’s love and passion for the club shone through in the dark days, and we are grateful for that.

As a character, Jim had a quiet but to the point sense of humour and a capacity for dogged insistence on doing things right. He travelled extensively to away games and never missed a home match, where he and the JAM, Jim Ashby’s Mates, enjoyed themselves in the Centurions room and quietly got on with sponsoring players and supporting our club. Jim was loyal, kind and determined and was greatly appreciated by all who knew him including all his co-directors as well as players, coaches and supporters.

Our thoughts and condolences go out to Gloria and Keith and to the rest of Jim’s family.