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We are thrilled to announce that as part of our 150th Anniversary celebrations, the RFU has given us special permission to take on a team of National League All-Stars at Butts Park Arena.

The game will take place on the evening of Friday 17th May and will feature the very best players within the four divisions that comprise National League One and National League Two.

Head Coach Alex Rae has welcomed this addition to his side’s fixture list:

“It’s great to add in a fixture like this. It’s something new and exciting and should be a great occasion which promotes the game.”

“There’s some fantastic players in the National Leagues and it also gives them something new to look forward to.”

Players currently playing in Nat 1 and Nat 2 can register their interest to play against Coventry by completing this online form.

Coventry Rugby CEO, Nick Johnston, had this to say on the announcement:

“We really felt like the game needed something like this. We want to create something that’s fresh and new, and we want to use our 150th Anniversary to do that.”

“Hopefully the evening will be one to remember, and we can put on a unique showcase for players, staff and supporters alike.”

Further details of the match including kick off time, All Stars coaching staff, All Stars captain and All Stars selection will follow.

The club is incredibly excited about this unique exhibition match and we hope that this game lays the foundations for a special annual tradition at Coventry Rugby.

Tickets for this fixture will go on sale soon.