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Get involved with our fantasy Six Nations league for a chance to win some great Coventry Rugby prizes! Simply join our private league using the link and password provided, select your dream Six Nations squad and watch how they perform each week!

At the end of the Six Nations campaign, the top teams in our private league will win:

  1. First place: A 2022/23 Blue+White Coventry Rugby Season Membership (plus bragging rights!)
  2. Second place: A signed 2022/23 Coventry Rugby home or away shirt
  3. Third place: 2 tickets to the first home game of the 2022/23 season.

T&C: There will be a delay on when the Six Nations end and when you will be able to receive these prizes and will be given toward the beginning of the 2022/23 Championship season. If Coventry players place in the top three, the prize will move on to the next person below.

How to get involved:

1 ) If you don’t already have an account, join the league now Coventry Rugby Club Fantasy Six Nations League by clicking on this private link:

If you do already have an account, you can search for our account and join using our pin:

Number: no.55463 / Name: Coventry Rugby Club Fantasy Six Nations / Password : 6UY8Y

2 ) Once you click on the link, create an account by entering your email and choosing a password.

3) Next, enter your first and last name (they won’t appear on the leaderboard) and choose a nickname (this name will be the name that appears on the leaderboard).

4) Click next making sure that the checkbox for the Coventry Rugby Fantasy League is ticked.

5) Once you click next, you will be taken to your team. Click on the black dots to select players for the positions. You will be able to swap players between rounds.

6) Everyone has 250 stars to spend on players. Click on the black circles, this will bring up the tab to select and search for players.

6) Use your points wisely! You are able to change your team weekly. Once you’ve selected your player it will look like this:

7) Keep up to date with the leaderboard of our Coventry Rugby Fantasy League by selecting the middle trophy icon. You can see peoples chosen team by clicking on their name. The top three finishers will win the prizes (if a Coventry player or Office staff win, their prize will be forwarded to the next player).

We will be streaming every game at Butts Park Arena. The first starting this weekend. Doors open at 12 pm in the Millerchip Suite and the event is free to attend. You can pre-book your food by clicking here.

Game Rules


The outline of the game

– You line up your Guinness Six Nations dream team every round!
– You earn points based on what your players will do in the real matches!
– Use your intuition when selecting your players to have the most balanced and efficient team possible while respecting your budget!

Selection of Players

It is possible to modify your team in between two Guinness Six Nations rounds. As long as a player’s match has not started, you can add or remove him from your team if this change is within your budget and the authorised player limit per nation.


Each player has an identical starting budget of 250 stars. However, in private leagues, the creator can set the number of stars that he wants.

Evolution of the value of players

The value of the players evolves according to their performances in the field. Depending on the number of points he wins and his starting value, a player will see his star value increase or decrease after a match.

Player limit per nation

Please note that you have the right to select up to a maximum of 4 players from the same nation.

Tem composition

The maximum number of rugby players allowed per position is as follows: 1 full-back, 2 wingers, 2 centre, 1 fly-half, 1 scrum-half, 3 flanker, 2 second row, 2 prop, and 1 hooker.

Choose a Captain!

During each game round, you have the opportunity to choose a Captain from among your 15 regular players. This player’s points will then be doubled on the round!

Choose a supersub!!

On each game day, you have the opportunity to choose a Supersub from the players on your bench. Your Supersub’s points will then be tripled on the day if and only if that player actually gets into the game during his real game! If he is a starter or does not play, his points will be divided by 2 as for all other substitutes.

Point calculation

Each rugby player on the field will earn you points:
– “Team” points which depend on the result of the match.
– “Rugby player” points that depend on the individual statistics of the rugby player in the match.

Please note that the “Team” points are applied in proportion to the presence in the field. If a rugby player only plays half of the match, he will only get half of the “Team” points. As a reminder, you can define a captain before each round among the rugby players placed on the field. The points scored by the captain are doubled.

Here are the details of the points scale:

Captain points: During each game day, you have the opportunity to choose a Captain from among your regular players. This player’s points will then be doubled on the gameday and a bonus of 20 points will also be awarded to you!

Supersub: At each gameday, you have the option of choosing a Supersub from the players on your bench. The points of your Supersub will then be tripled on the gameday if and only if this player actually enters the match during his real match! If he is a first-team player or if he does not play, his points will be divided by 2 as for all the other substitutes.