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Max Trimble in action against Yorkshire Carnegie (pic – Trystan Finocchiaro)

Max Trimble scored two of Cov’s seven tries against Carnegie. Here’s how he saw them…

“To be honest that first try was nothing to do with me, that was down to great hands from the boys.

“We get stuck into throwing a few miss-passes at times, but that just goes to show when we keep it simple, draw the man and just use straight hands we can be dangerous down the touchline and all I had to do was run it in.”

“My second try was all down to Rob Knox to be honest, he’s a bit of a freak athlete, so he plucked it out of the air, went on and drew the man and again it was just a run in from me. Credit to the boys inside me, they create the chances and I’m just there to finish them.”

Watch all of Max’s post-match interview below.

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