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Coventry Rugby’s entire 2018/19 squad met up for the first time yesterday and took the city by surprise when they were grouped up and sent to complete tasks in the centre of Coventry.

The players were split into seven groups of six and had the task of taking selfies with some of Coventry’s iconic landmarks and the clubs fans to earn points.

The aim was to engage the new signings with the city and their surroundings, as well as using team work and creating a feeling of cohesion between groups to complete tasks.

The squad made their way to the Lady Godiva Statue, James Starley Statue, Frank Whittle Statue, all three Cathedrals, St Michael & the Devil Statue, Coundon Road (street sign), St Mary’s Guildhall, BBC Radio Studio, James Brindley Statue and Coventry Boy Statue.

Players would pick up bonus points for taking selfies with any of the emergency services around the city, photos with fans, the whole team standing in water or on ice and the entire group in a tree.

Whole squad in a tree

@CoventryRugby⁩ ⁦@Coventry2021#PreSeasonRace #WelcomeToCoventry

— Pete White (@PeteWhite_91) June 29, 2018

In Water or on Ice

Coundon Road Street Sign

Photo with Emergency Services

BBC Coventry and Warwickshire

James Starley Statue

Lady Godiva Statue

Frank Whittle Statue

All three Cathedrals


St Michael & the Devil Statue

@CoventryRugby⁩ ⁦⁦@Coventry2021#PreSeasonRace #WelcometoCoventry

— Pete White (@PeteWhite_91) June 29, 2018

Selfie with fans

St Mary’s Guildhall

Coventry Boy Statue

James Brindley Statue