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Coventry Rugby celebrates another successful Proejct500 camp at the beginning of this week. Hosted a Butts Park Arena, the initiative invites a number of disadvantaged children from the local area to take part in a two-day multi-sport camp. The camp is led by Coventry Rugby community coaches as well as a number of first-team players who help run the show.

The children partake in a number of sports activities as well as crafts and challenges. A nutritious breakfast and lunch is provided and each of the camp attendees is sent home with a food parcel intended to feed their family for a week.

This initiative would not be possible without help from our sponsors. We would like to thank Charter Savings Bank and Coventry Rugby Foundation who fund this initiative. Morrison and Koffmann’s (The Food Heroes) who provide the food for the camp as well as the food parcels that get sent home with each of the children. And last but not least Amtico, Coventry HAF and the Department of Education.

Community Manager Richard Meacham commented that “Coventry Rugby is first and foremost a community club. With that in mind, Project500 is an initiative we are particularly proud of. It is great to see the progress the camps have made and the friendships and enjoyment that the kids receive from them – thank you again to our sponsors who help continue the great work of this project”.

If you would like to sponsor or support this initiative, please contact

Coventry Rugby Project500