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THE FAILURE to make chances count was the most disappointing aspect of Coventry’s defeat at Fylde in the eyes of forwards coach Boris Stankovich.

“We had so many opportunities, in the first half and again in the second, and we just didn’t execute,” said Stankovich. “That was the story of the day.

“I think it was perhaps concentration, perhaps a case of trying too hard when there was no need to. We probably do need to be a little more patient, but one thing for sure, we’ve got to get better.

“The ability is there. We’re creating opportunities – that’s the positive thing about it – but, unfortunately, we’re just not finishing them off and you can have as many opportunities as you like, but if you can’t convert them into points, what’s the point in creating them?

“There were key moments which changed the game, and we were on the wrong end of the result. There were yellow cards which didn’t help us, but the referee made his decisions and I thought the boys did all right during that time.

“Basically it just came down to us not taking our opportunities all through the game.

“Once again I thought we did reasonably well in the set piece, but outside the set piece we were either not running hard enough or the ball presentation was poor which meant it was getting stuck in there longer than we would have liked.

“These are all things we need to address next week. There’ll never be a day when we don’t have work to do, but after all the hard graft we’ve done up until now getting the set piece sorted , the execution and finishing is what we need to concentrate on at the moment.”