Development Academy Squad

Brendan Burke
placeholder photo for Brendan Burke
Position: Head coach
Ashley Phillips
placeholder photo for Ashley Phillips
Position: Strength & conditioning coach
Phil Ackuaku
photo of Phil Ackuaku
Cameron Gray
placeholder photo for Cameron Gray
Kailus Huthcinson
photo of Kailus Huthcinson
James Neal
photo of James Neal
Willie Priestley
photo of Willie Priestley
Position: Hooker
Born: Hereford, 29-10-1997
Max Titchener
placeholder photo for Max Titchener
Position: Full-back
Born: Brackley, 05-03-1997
Connor Adams
placeholder photo for Connor Adams
Ciaran Grimmer
placeholder photo for Ciaran Grimmer
Luc Jeannot
photo of Luc Jeannot
Josh Palmer
placeholder photo for Josh Palmer
Position: Centre
Born: Coventry, 21-09-1994
Charely Robinson
photo of Charely Robinson
Position: Hooker
Born: Bromsgrove, 16-01-1997
Nick Evans
placeholder photo for Nick Evans
Position: Physiotherapist
Jake Byrne
placeholder photo for Jake Byrne
Position: Prop
Born: Leamington Spa, 21-11-1996
Myles Hibbs
photo of Myles Hibbs
Joe Lane
photo of Joe Lane
Sam Payne
photo of Sam Payne
Position: Scrum-half
Born: Coventry, 06-07-1998
Mike Ryan
photo of Mike Ryan
Position: Back row
Born: Newton, Wales, 15-12-1993
Louis Roach
placeholder photo for Louis Roach
Position: Winger
Born: 05-02-1996
Dan Hope
placeholder photo for Dan Hope
Position: Physiotherapist
Freddie Clark
photo of Freddie Clark
Sam McNulty
photo of Sam McNulty
Tom Price
photo of Tom Price
Position: Back row
Born: Rugby, 19-03-1997
Tarik Tin
photo of Tarik Tin
Position: Prop
Born: Birmingham, 08-06-1994

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